Wondering Steps To Straighten Your Hairs Perm

straight perm

Perms are used to make your hair to look lasting same style, once you perm your hair on different style against natural condition it can’t be restored again. Are you looking for methods to straight perm your hair on the condition of having frizzy hair or curling hair? Look out this article to use the resources of perm to straighten your hair yourself. You can visit the famous parlor and ask the tricks and steps followed by them to straighten a perm and take a demo from them in your hair.

Perm formulas to straighten hair

Among the different perm treatment, straightening perm is the easiest step to process your hair. There are many ways to straighten your hair naturally and chemically, natural treatment takes time to perm but chemical treatments are easiest to do and you will get the results within a short period of time. Using a wide comb, straightening machine, chemical products are used as a formula to straighten your hair.

straighten hairs perm

Perm solutions for straight perm

Before going to treatment on the salon, consider the chemical products going to apply on hair and its effects of straighten a hair after a perm. Consider the pros and disadvantages of straightening a perm for you in entire ways. Prefer to go in natural treatment to perm straighten in the home by using simple equipment of wide-teeth comb. Using the natural way of perm will not damages your natural essentials on hair.

What are the steps to use a perm treatment to hair?

Perm treatments applying on hair will achieve sleek in nature and gets smooth on the cuticle to avoid split ends. Parlor straightening will last long up to three months; you can enjoy managing the hair with smoothness along with the natural beauty look.

  • Step 1

Get a straightening kit from parlor or store by the advice of stylist, take the required tools and pieces of equipment to straighten your hair by yourself even at home or you can use this on occasional time. Take a bowl with handle bars, had a wide-teeth comb and then cover your hand and fingers with gloves or piece of an old dress. Buy a perm kit which has come along with the gloves.

  • Step 2

Drop out the perm solution from a kit on to the bowl and mixed it well and formulated it on hair. Before applying the formulated solution check the strength of your hair to loosen the elasticity.

  • Step 3:

Dip the color textured formulated solution on the brush and applies it over the root of your hair. Once you apply it on entire hairs drag your hair down as long you can lengthen your hair. Repeat dragging until you reach the level.

  • Step 4:

Take the wide-tooth comb and comb your hair from backside of your head to front head drag your hair using the brush until the end of your hair passes. Repeat dragging on hair smoothly until straitening permed hair, and leave it for 15 minutes and wash off with cold water and dry out it with microfiber towels.